Hunter's Rose Kennel is a full service training kennel. We train from bird and gun introduction and basic obedience to advance handling and steady to wing and shot. We realize most hunters do not desire the advanced work and we can work with you in providing you what you desire out of your dog. One of the most fulfilling aspects of dog training is watching young dogs develop.We feel we do that better then anyone else in the APLA and it shows in the advanced portions of training.  We also campaign dogs in the AKC, HRC and APLA.
Our training is different from most retriever trainers in the fact that we start dogs in the upland first developing them to be independent hunters before control work is begun. The results are not disappointing as we have 100’s of master and finished passes with exceptional pass rates. One of, if not the most, accomplished hunt test dogs in the country was trained right here at HRK,  GRHRCH 4xGMPR HRK’s RoosterSmasher MH QAA. We have the knowledge and experience to train premier hunt test and hunting dogs.
While here your dog will be fed the required protein and fat contents it needs to remain healthy and fit. Currently we feed Purina ProPlan Professional to our animals.  Our training regimen accompanied with our feeding program will allow your dog to become the  best athlete possible in short order.
All vaccinations need to be current before dropping your dog off at HRK.  A copy of up to date rabies vaccination certificate needs to be provided at drop off as well.

Upland Intro - $600 includes birds
Bird introduction
Gun Introduction
Basic Pointing Work
The goal is to develop a confident hunter and rev up the prey drive.
We like to start this phase between 14 and 20 weeks the earlier the better
This generally takes 1 month sometimes less.

Basic Upland/Retriever Package - $600 per month + birds 
Drive Building  
Basic Obedience in regards to Pointing work
Whoa Training to Steady to Flush
Basic Marking
Formal Obedience
Force Fetch
Putting it together
This program takes 3 to 4 months.
Your dog will be ready to hunt upland and/or ducks
Your dog will be ready to run APLA Certified Pointing Retriever, HRC Started and AKC Junior levels

Advanced Retriever/Upland - $700 per month + birds   
3 Handed casting
Mini T
Double T
Swim by
Pattern blinds
Pattern blinds with Diversions
Marking Singles and Multiples
Blinds combined with Marks
Cheating Singles and decheat
Blind drills
Steadiness drills
Advanced handling drills
Diversion Birds, poison birds and other advanced conepts
Steady to wing and shot
This program takes 3 to 6 months
Your dog will be steady and confident in the upland field and handling advanced retriever work
Your dog will be ready to run APLA Master, HRC Finished and likely at the AKC Master Hunter level
Your dog will be a finished upland dog and retriever

Only hunt Upland?
Do you just want a Duck Dog?
Our training can be tailored to your needs.
Call or email with questions.


Having your dog trained   involves patience, trust and a strong commitment from its owners,  for most of us a Labrador is not just a hunting dog  but a part of the family and because of that strong bond throughout your household it should be a family decision to send your pet away to be trained for long periods of time.  It is important before taking a dog to any training facility that it is understood that although your pet will be cared for, well fed and supplied with clean water and a clean kennel your dog will spend considerable time in a kennel and although to some this seems harsh- we all know ole Spots favorite place is on the couch napping near the fire- it is quite Ok and tolerable in the Canine mind.   It is  however common for 'New' dogs to the kennel to have an adjustment period which may result in your dog having a stressful first couple days here, sometimes this results in poor appetite and some kennel stress. We counter this by simply allowing your dog a couple days to settle in before adding the demands of training.
If it is your desire to run Hunt tests you may have to join organizations you are not members of, you will have to pay entry fees and you will have paper work to fill out with these organizations that is not always easy to locate or complete.    Injuries are possible and common in hard working dogs especially in the upland fields, they can be as minor as chaffing and sprains or could be severe as in puncture wounds to breaks.
If needed your dog will receive veterinary care promptly. You are responsible for all bills associated with that care. You will not be able to just drop in to see your dog you will have to schedule an Appt to visit and we will most likely be able to accommodate you however you must be aware of the effort and time placed into all dogs here at HRK that we run a tight schedule especially during testing season so reasonable notice should be given.
~Having your dog trained is a commitment- a family decision~

Please complete both our Boarding document and Training Contract below to reserve a spot for your dog in our training program