HRK has been raising and competing with Labradors for over 12yrs, starting with just a few dogs and now regularly training 20-25 per month.

We specialize in breeding and training versatile Labradors.  We uphold a high standard for both the retriever skill set and the upland skill set.  Our proven training methods have been developed to bring the most of both skill set out of each dog that we train.

Our training program has produced a respectable amount of GMPR's, HRCH's and MH's and continues to expand while maintaining extremeley high standards that other kennels strive for.

We offer training for ALL hunting breeds labradors to pointers, setters, and  non-slip retrievers.

Our breeding program focuses on producing high end versatile labradors with great disposition, exceptional retriever skills, great bird drive and natual point.  With exceptional bloodlines we have produced a signigicant number of titled dogs at different levels in the APLA, HRC and AKC including a number of GMPR's, HRCH's.  Our dogs excel in upland as well as waterfowl hunting and our training program has given our breeding program an advantage other kennels just can't match

We have won both upland tournaments vs traditional pointers and retriever trials vs strictly non-slip retrievers.

Skeptical of the versatility of these labs?
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We support the following
Organizations and Businesses

OFA Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

CERF-Caine Eye Registration Foundation

EIC- Exercise Induced Collapse

CNM-Centronuclear Myopathy

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